Get Ready To Shred Fat, Build Muscle, and ACTUALLY See Results!

Our 21 DAY JUMPSTART will teach you and reinforce the Healthy Habits, Skills, Game Plan, and Knowledge you need to Finally Reach Your Fitness Goals & STICK WITH THEM!

We're committed and qualified to helping you reach your full potential this year! And to prove it, we’re offering this 21 DAY JUMPSTART to get the ball running and get you on your way to the results you've been trying to get for years. You’ll meet with our team of fitness professionals, set goals, and build the plan that will not only be effective but work for YOUR lifestyle!


Start Off Right With A Movement Analysis/Assessment & Goal Setting Consultation: We get you started with the initial consultation where we'll discuss all of your goals (big and small) with a Professional Fitness Coach. Your Coach will guide you through a functional movement screening. This screening will help us find any mobility/stability issues or muscular imbalances you have that may negatively impact your progress. This screening process will not only prevent injury but also maximize your results.

Fitness Program Designed Just For YOU: Your Fitness Coach will set you up with a 21 Day Workout Program that's designed for your specific goals whether it be Fat Loss, Gaining Lean Muscle or even Pre/Rehabilitation. 

Experience One on One Personal Training in a small group environment: Our strength coaches will ensure you get familiarized with our facaility and how we operate here at CSF. We will prepare you for our Adult Team Training coaching program with the attention to detail as if you were doing personal training! 

You Will Also Get Nutritional Support: Your Fitness Coach will provide you with 21 Days of Nutritional Programming Designed to fit YOUR specific goals. Whether your goals are to BURN FAT or GAIN LEAN MUSCLE, your Nutrition Program will be built around your lifestyle to ensure that you STICK WITH IT! We rely on the latest research to provide us with the most logical and efficient way to have you reach these goals.

If you have medical or other health concerns, no need to worry. We have a partnership with Baystate Rehabilitation Services and Pioneer Valley Weight Loss. They have specialists standing by ready to help!

Attend Unlimited CSF Team Training: We’ll work with your schedule to find out when the best time to workout. We have over 30 sessions / week to meet your busy schedule. Our CSF Team Training is an awesome way to experience our community, energy, enthusiasm and genuine love for what we do....all while getting in a great workout!


STOP Putting Your Health On The Back Burner! Start Your 21 DAY JUMPSTART Today!